A nation of consumption shouldn’t challenge its role.

Freedom is a privilege that’s been left behind

Romdeau Rp - An Ergo Proxy panfandom rp game
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The year is 275 AI. Citizen life within Romdeau continues to progress forward without a glitch. Autoraves and humans coexist with each other, helping instead of hindering each with the tasks expected of them. Life inside of the largest remaining domed city in a word is perfect. Or so it would seem.

There's a lot about Romdeau you don't know about. The Bureaus working for the Regent has made sure of that - otherwise, they wouldn't properly be doing their jobs now. Everything in Romdeau is built around order. Everyone is expected to continue being a "model citizen", upholding their raison d'etre without fail. Without one, your life is forfeit.

So why is sometimes at night, you can see visions of a life you don't remember having? You know it didn't take place here and you never believed in karma before. You found yourself asking if you were sleep deprived or if you needed a mental evaluation. You're almost frightened to bring attention to it, for fear of being removed from the system.

What you don't know is that there are others just like you, spread out through the pockets of the city, just as curious. Some are wondering if they ever really belonged in such a structured society, without room for failure. Had they always lived out their lives without question, without doubt or dreaming for the impossible? Just what if you hadn't been born here and these memories you're remembering aren't really your own? What would you do if you found out you were actually brought here from another universe years ago, outcast as an immigrant in society and looking for your real reason to live?

Better watch out, the government is everywhere and they are especially watching you. You are a test experiment in a prestigious underground project known as "The Other World's Project". You don't know who is conducting it, or why you're apart of it, but you have two options - to endure it or die.

Welcome to Romdeau. If you don't love it, then just try to leave it.

Romdeau Rp is now officially closed!

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