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Frequently Asked Questions

Ergo Proxy Canon Questions

+ What is Romdeau?
Several hundred years ago, a series of explosions at the methane hydrate reserves (a form of fuel) around the world rendered the entire planet virtually uninhabitable. The sky was blotted out by a thick gray blanket of dust and clouds, and most of the vegetation and animals died out. Some of the humans managed to leave the planet on a spaceship called the Boomerang Star, and they left behind most of the humans as well as the Proxies and the domes.

Romdeau is one of these domes—a cradle of life and civilization in the middle of a barren wasteland. Everything inside the dome is strictly controlled and order is valued above all else, for without the order, the dome would fall apart and the humans inside would be exposed to the toxic atmosphere. Romdeau is one of the last fully functional domes remaining. Others have been destroyed by wars or malfunctions. This means that there is a constant flow of immigrants who have been able to trek across the toxic wasteland into the dome.

The dome gives off enough heat that it makes life sustainable directly outside the dome. The dome dumps all of its garbage right outside, which allows for humans and some animals and plants to live off of the refuse. Outside the dome there is a small commune of people who rejected the dome’s ideals or were exiled. The dome wants them dead, but makes no real effort to do so.

+ What is a Proxy?
The Proxy Project began hundreds of years ago in an effort to save the world from complete destruction. The humans who remained on Earth were given the technology to create protective domes that would shield them from the toxic atmosphere and allow them to live on. However, an entire city and ecosystem encased in a dome requires energy—and that is where the Proxies come in.

The Proxies are essentially superhuman beings designed to protect and provide energy for the domes to which they belong. Three hundred of them were created in the beginning, one for each dome. They are faster, stronger, and more powerful than humans, and are also extremely intelligent. They are capable of almost godly acts, and many of them have unusual powers well beyond anything a human could accomplish. They are also immortal. Until recently, they have been kept in a comatose state in order to provide power for their domes.

However, the end of the Proxy Project is the Heartbeat of Awakening, whereupon the sleeping Proxies would come awake and proceed to destroy each other and their domes. This destructiveness was built into their very nature by the original humans.

Proxies tend to be taller than normal humans, and can be identified by their dark gray skin and glowing blue eyes. Some of them also wear masks. Only the Regent and a few others know of the Proxies and their true purpose; Daedalus was assigned to monitor Romdeau’s Proxy, though even he did not know what the creature was.

Romdeau’s Proxy, Monad—stolen from the Mosque dome—was recently killed by Ergo Proxy. Now Romdeau is without a power source, and the dome itself has slowly but surely been beginning to fail. The order is breaking.

+ What is the Regent?
The Regent is the unquestionable, absolute ruler of Romdeau, and is ruler for life. The Regent is quite literally a regent—a ruler chosen by the king to look after the kingdom while the king is away or unable to rule himself. The true leader that the Regent is waiting for is Proxy One—though only the Regent himself knows that.

The Regent has absolute control of Romdeau, and has access to the Romdeau mainframe, allowing him to observe and monitor everything going on in the city. It is his job to maintain order and to keep the secrets necessary to prevent panic. The Regent is the only one who knows the full story of the Proxy Project, the Boomerang Project, and the true intentions of the original humans.

+ Who is Donov Mayar?
Donov is the Regent of Romdeau and has been forever. He is so old that he can no longer move and can barely speak. He relies entirely on his four statue-shaped Entourages—Husserl, Berkeley, Lacan and Derrida—to carry out his duties as Regent. He is also the grandfather of Re-L Mayer, a woman whose destiny has currently led her outside the dome.

+ Why is Donov Mayar importation to Romdeau?
Donov is the Regent, the most respected and powerful man in Romdeau, and the only surviving human who knows the full truth about the intentions of the original humans, and the Projects they put in place.

+ What are Autoraves?
Autoraves are essentially robots and androids built to serve and protect humans. Their entire purpose is to make the lives of the citizens of Romdeau safer and more comfortable. Their raison d’etre varies from Autorave to Autorave, but it comes down to the protection of the humans and unquestioning loyalty to the Regent.

All Autoraves are built with the basic abilities to calculate distances, temperatures, vital signs, and other measurements. Many are stronger and faster than the average human. Most also come with a Turing Chat function which allows them to “chat” with humans with realistically human speech. All of them are tapped into the Romdeau mainframe, and thus receive instant updates from the network, which include news, assignments, reports, phone calls and orders directly from the Regent. They can thus also be used to monitor people and activities, and can be cut off from the network if the Regent thinks the Autorave’s online activity is questionable. Most of them have the vague appearance of a human, while some are distinctly more robot-like.

The downside to Autoraves is that they are still machines, and thus suffer the same sorts of drawbacks that other machines do. They can break down, and they need a power source in order to keep functioning. They are also susceptible to viruses, which can make them very dangerous.

+ What is "Raison d'etre"?
"Raison d'ete" is French for the term "reason of being". With a reason to live or purpose, one's life is considered meaningless within Romdeau. Raison d'ete is used to describe the purpose that all humans and Autoraves feel compelled to fulfill. The raison d’etre can be equated with one’s destiny. The order of Romdeau is maintained because each and every person is expected to fulfill their raison d’etre. However, that destiny can be questioned, and recently, more and more people are coming to question their raison d’etre and choose their own destinies of their own free will.

+ What is the Technology like?
Please consult the Technology page linked to the main community for more information.

+ What is the world outside the dome like?
The world beyond the dome is a wasteland. It is frigid and barren, and there are barely any animals or plants. There is never any sunlight or moonlight due to the constant cloud coverage, though it does sometimes snow or rain. Near the domes it is warm enough to sustain life, though life is not nearly as good as it is inside the domes.

Some Autoraves and humans make it outside of the city, in one way or another. Humans who are exposed to the air outside the dome are infected with a virus that kills more than half of the people it infects. Some people are immune, but there is no treatment for the virus and no vaccine. You just have to ride it out and hope for the best. The virus causes a high fever, sweating, and delirium.

+ What is the Cogito Virus?
The Cogito Virus is a virus that has lately been affecting Autoraves. This virus is said to give Autoraves the ability to question their raison d’etre and causes them to develop a conscience and emotions well beyond anything their programming could do. Autoraves who are infected will drop to their knees and clasp their hands, as if praying to God.

Infected Autoraves are implanted with an internal map that provides them with a way out of the city. Hardly any Autoraves ever make it out, however. Their drive to escape the city causes them to become crazed, and most will attack and kill anything that gets in their way. The Autorave Control Department then sends a Disposal Team to destroy the infected Autoraves.

The virus is contagious. If a normal Autorave is around an infected Autorave for too long, there is a chance that the virus will spread.

+ Can I apply as a canon Ergo Proxy character?
At this time, the answer is no. Since the Romdeau role play is set after the "main trio" (Ex. Vincent Law, Pino and Real Mayar) leave the dome, it would be conflicting to the actual EP canon storyline. If things progress far enough, they may be applicable in the future.

The two Mods of the rp, Anthony and Jabi, have taken up the positions of Daedalus Yumero and Raul Creed respectively, since they both remained behind in the city once the main trio left. Characters who join the rp will have their lives focused on inside of the city and will be subjected to Daedalus' experiments.

Romdeau Rp OOC Game-Questions

+ Who are the Mods?
Currently, the Main Mod is Anthony and the Co-Mods are Jabi and Lilly.

+ How can I contact the Mods?
You may use the information provided on the main community page. All of the Mod's personal journals will be listed for PMs, as well as their normal e-mail account and Instant Messaging name. The Mod RP e-mail is also found there.

+ Is the Game OU or AU based?
Romdeau RP is both OU and AU. It is OU for the fact characters are being pulled from their canon universes but also AU in the sense once they arrive in Romdeau, their memories are erased. Throughout their stay in Romdeau, they will believe they were born there and live out their lives as the Regent expects them to. Over time, one special canon memory can begin reoccurring through dreams. It will be hazy and fragmented at first, but later grow and become more clear as time passes ICly.

+ How often are reserves and applications checked?
Once a week, usually during the middle. Most likely between Tuesday and Thursday, depending on the Mod's busy work schedules. Dates to change should there be a holiday.

+ How often are we expected to post?
As stated in the rules, members are to post with each of their muses twice a month. If people need to go on hiatus and the Mods are informed, the Mods will make an exception.

+ How often are activity checks?
Activity checks are once a month. We want to make sure people are actively playing with their characters. If they aren't, they will be dropped from the community and it will allow other Muns the opportunity to take on that muse.

+ What do I do if I end up on an activity check list?
Simply make a post and let the Mods know that you did. You will be removed from the list.

+ What if I'm on hiatus?
Again, inform the Mods when you are going on hiatus and when you expect to return. This will keep you off any activity checks that happen while you are away.

+ Can I apply for a character from a canon series?
Yes, you can. Series being allowed are manga and animed based, as well as video games, books, tv and movie series.

+ Does my character have any canon powers here?
No, as of right now, they don't. That doesn't mean over time, as they regain their memories, their powers won't come back to a degree. Powers will have to be run by the Mods. No one is allowed to kill Daedalus off, or destroy Romdeau city from the inside outward. If you'd like a further explanation, please contact a Mod. Not too much will be explained, as to not give away future community plots and events.

+ Can I use any weapons my character has in canon?
No, they can't. Since Romdeau is strictly built to uphold the law, such magical powers or large swords would bring infinite disaster. That doesn't mean if you work in a Government position, you won't be able to get your hands onto a gun. It may come in handy for self defense purposes. As a character's canon memories return, a glimmer of their canon powers may as well. Of course, their powers will be severely restricted to 20-30% use.

+ Can I apply as a non-human character?
We are now accepting Shinigami, Vampires, Vampire Hunters and Werewolf positions! They will be treated like normal, Model citizens and be expected to uphold the law. They can regain their canon memories over time through dreams, but their powers will not work in Romdeau right away. It will have to be cleared with a Mod, as development is essential. The more development a character has, the closer they will become most like their canon selves.

+ Are OCs allowed?
Yes, OC's are indeed allowed.

+ How many OCs can one person play?
Each Mun is allowed to apply for one OC each. The requirement for applying for an OC position is they must be a model citizen living in the city or an Autorave. There will be no exceptions allowed. There is also a separate OC application that can be located on the community links list.

+ How many characters can I have in the rp?
For the time being, a maximum of five characters will be allowed per member. Perhaps after times goes by, depending on the popularity of this role play, the maximum character limit might increase to six.

+ How often are there events?
Twice a month, there will be a week long event. There may be 1-3 day long events, depending on what the theme or nature of the experiment is.

Romdeau Rp In Game-Questions

+ What is The Other Worlds Project about?
The "Other World's Project" was an experiment where Daedalus decoded a lost disk explaining a way to pull humans from other universes into EP canon's and use them as science experiments. Each lived as immigrants until they worked their way through the social classes. When they died, their genes would be cloned and they would be reborn into Romdeau by the birthing autoraves.

More recently, some citizens have been experiencing dreams where a flash of a particularly important canon event happened to them. It's hazy and fragmented, but over time and as a result of more experiments being performed, it will become more important to them. It might even call their "raison d'etre" into question. (Example: Harry Potter is a citizen and remembers attending a wizarding school and using a wand. That place isn't in Romdeau, but he's got deja vu it's happened before. Thus curiosity is sparked.)

+ Where does my character live in the city?
Head on over to the "Locations" link for an in-depth list to choose from. Additionally, experiments will be broken down by sections of the city. The Upper Class are Sector A, the Middle Class Sectors B and C, the Immigrant Sectors D, E and F. Some of the experiments will be one experiment sector wide, while others may be multiple experiments on multiple sectors.

+ What jobs are there to offer?
Please consult the Job page linked to the main community profile for more information.

+ How does currency work here?
It would seem that everyone carries around plastic cards with them, akin to credit cards. All of their personal information, such as their legal name and identification number are programmed into the card. To use this card, simply slide it or insert it into the machines as properly instructed to.

+ How do I communicate with others?
Everyone has a cell phone of sorts. It has all of the normal phone functions, such as a place to speak into it and listen to people calling them. There are also numbers pads to dial a number, or send text messages with. It has a calendar build into it, as well as voice recording options for voice messages or memos.

+ Why are there experiments?
What good would there be to join Romdeau rp if there wasn't experiments? Daedalus Yumeno is the Director of the Division of Health and Welfare, as well as the Chief Physician leading the Proxy Research Team. As a Scientist, it is his job to test subjects to their limits - physically and psychologically. If a project fails, he simply alters some components and tries again.

+ Does my character have to be involved in each one?
If a Mun isn't interested in a particular community wide event, they don't have to participate. Although, they may also not pretend nothing is happening. Their characters will have to react accordingly to the experiment being performed around them. Such examples of reactions might be confusion or shock as to why it is NOT happening to them. They simply can't pretend nothing is going on around them. After all, the world does revolve around just one person. In the larger scheme of things, everyone is affected by everyone else.

+ Can my character die in game?
Yes, your character can die in the game BUT within reason. Some of the experiments your character will be subjected to will be more than painful.

+ How long will it take for them to be revived?
Each mun has the option of letting their character die from the experiment, but will have to wait a week OOCly before they are able to post ICly again. There will be no more than three deaths allowed per character and all deaths must be run by the Mods beforehand. That way, it will make things easier to keep track of.

Every time your character dies in the game, it will take a week ICly for them to be reborn. The genetic process will be sped up, so once the week is over, the Mun can resume playing their character from age seven. Essentially, that character will be another clone of their former selves, so their memories may be slightly altered on what they remember or have forgotten.

The character will continue growing until they once again reach their canon ages. If your character was a teenager, it will take about a week to return to that age. If your character was an adult, it will take about two to three weeks. Once they reach their canon age, they will stop growing or for IC purposes, "the genetic process will slow down to a non-noticeable level to the human eye."

If there is a question you have that isn't listed above, please feel free to leave a comment below or e-mail a Mod privately.
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