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In the Beginning...

There were catatonic explosions in the methane hydrate reserve that wiped out 85% of the planet's population. The Earth fell silent under a thick blanket that stretched across the heavens. Life as we know it began to die off, unable to live under such harsh weather conditions. The world became a barren wasteland, polluted with toxic gases.

The Science Experiment...

Before the human race was wiped out, citizens engaged themselves in two highly top secret projects. One was called the "Boomerang Project." It entailed building a large rocket that could help the human race escape the Earth and live amongst the stars, until Earth was suitable for man kind's return. Unfortunately, it was rushed, the finished project unstable and it wasn't a large enough carrier to take all the remaining humans on Earth upon it.

Those left behind strive for an alternate way of life, putting into action the "Proxy Project." To create a being neither human nor robot - almost Godlike in every sense of the word. Immortal, indestructible beings that could save them. Three hundred such Proxies were built, kept in comatose states and lying dormant at each of the last surviving domed cities on Earth. Their mere existence was supposed to guarantee the survival of the human race.

The Boomerang Project also entailed the "Heartbeat of Awakening", which would kill all the clones and leave the planet clear for the original humans to live. The original humans didn't want the clones or the Proxies to be there when they returned.


The year is 275 AI. For many years, humans has coexisted with Autoreiv's created to help and serve mankind peacefully. There are many types of Autoreiv's in the city, each built with different purposes. Battle autoreiv's engage in battle or construction work. Entourages do daily tasks in normal jobs required of them, such as organization and records maintenance. They serve one human being, death do they part. Companion autoreiv's are human-like in appearance, serving their master with companionship mostly as friends, helping where they can.

Safely caged inside Romdeau, the citizens live out their lives quietly and with purpose. For without purpose, their existence is forfeit. Everyone was created with a "Raison d'etre" or "purpose to live". Whether it be a slave to their job (despite the feeling of being just another cog in the machine), or to serve those above them in power unconditionally. Those who question their devotion to the higher powers, especially the government find their citizenship removed and are disposed of.

The city of Romdeau are controlled heavily by the Bureaux government system, including the Intelligence Bureau, the Health & Welfare Bureau, the Security Bureau and others. They are in charge of the city's daily functions and routines. The Bureau serve the Regent, placed in charge of the city. The Regent has supreme power, appointed leadership by the Proxy that created Romdeau before abandoning it. The Regent's word is absolute, the Bureaux following without question. The Regent's private council speak for the Regent to the Bureaux only, no one outside of the Security Bureaux allowed to enter the Regent's private quarters otherwise.

The Other Worlds Project...

Sometime during the Boomerang Project, a disk went missing or was forgotten. Either way, it passed its way out of existence for a long time, until a certain Health & Welfare department head got a hold of it. Being a super genius, his curiosity spurred him to crack the inscriptions until finally he could over ride the codes. What he found on that forgotten disk would soon change the future of Romdeau as we know it.

"The Other World's Project" as he called it, entailed details about bringing in humans from outside worlds and fabricating their memories to an extend, so each woke up believing they were born here. They would be treated as immigrants, until each proved they were worth to become "model citizens" and from there on, join society as elites. Daedalus thought the blue prints were skeptical, so added a few new elements to spice things up and the project went underway. The project became a great success and soon, future generations who died were cloned and birthed from the birthing Autoraves. The process continued forward without a glitch, said "citizens" living out their lives and raison d'etes without question.

As time went by, more and more citizens were cloned and the process continued until now. A problem was beginning to arise with the clones. They were remembering things they shouldn't have been remembering--memories of their lives in their own worlds, lives they had never truly lived. Some thought they were dreams, others visions of the future. Some questioned it, while others wished for it to fade away, for fear of their citizenship being removed and being cast outside the dome to survive.

Life Beyond Romdeau...

For those who have not proven themselves worthy of being a model citizen of Romdeau, they are banished from the dome - sometimes a fate worse than death. The poisonous oxygen and harsh atmospheric conditions usually break down a human's immunity and within days are rendered dead. Some have tried braving the world in hopes of finding other domed cities to live in and perished. Those fortunate enough to find Hoody were given a vaccine to help them cope with the cruel world and have banned together outside of Romdaeu, living off the waste heaps tossed out. They are collectively called the "Commune".

The commune is controlled by flying patrol drones searching the premises for life forces to maul down. Should they find anything that moves, it will be taken out and video footage being supervised by the Bureaux will send in Romdeau soldiers to eradicate the rest if an emergency calls for it. For whatever is left outside the dome isn't the government's problems anymore.
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